Jan 1, 2012

Japanese Fonts

Hi again! This is Carmen ^^

This is jus a quick update and more like a list of some links I've found rather useful while looking for Japanese fonts, but I guess it's going to be as useful for others as for myself ^^

So the thing is, I've been trying to find japanese fonts because since my PC died and got formatted and stuff, the only font that I have to write Japanese and Chinese is Arial Unicode MS... and as said, after much searching, here I bring some webs and blog and stuff where I was able to download some FREE Japanese fonts that are actually very awesome as well!!! Enjoy:

- FLOP DESING: has many many MANY fonts, some are free, some aren't, very useful and cool ^^I think you have a limit of free downloads so get the ones you like the most! XD

- JAPANESE CULTURE BLOG: useful to get some info and reviews about japanese fonts but the instrucctions to download the free fonts aren't there lol if you don't understand Japanese, you may have a bit of a problem getting them...http://nihongoup.com/blog/10-beautiful-japanese-fonts/

- ... but luckily I found JAYHAN  http://www.jay-han.com/2007/09/21/cute-japanese-font-for-download/ that pretty much brings you direct download links for many of the fonts in the other blog and more! In that blog they also have this other entry you'll find useful to get even more free japanese fonts [link]

- GRAY GRAPHICS: you own the artists on that site their effort to bring you exclusive designs for your japanese writings! They are free, just click on the little squares or text to download the fonts.

- 4GALAXY: a collection of about 45 fonts that can display kanji writing as well.

- MANIACKERS DESIGN FONT: more of the same ^^

I hope this helps you guys!!! By the way please do remember this:

"You may use both free and shareware fonts freely for noncommercial personal purposes, such as creating a logo for a personal web site, free web design materials, goods or banners. Please contact [the author/owner] before using the fonts for commercial purposes, such as for commercial products, stores or companies logos, TV, books and magazines, or CDs.When you got questions about installing or using fonts, please try browsing the internet first. You could find the answers yourself."