Mar 11, 2011

JAPAN: Earthquake and Tsunami

As you probably heard already, today there were a terribly powerful earthquake and a 4m high tsunami in Japan, and they also had to declare a nuclear emergency since a plant was misfuctioning after the earthquake and tsunami. I wrote my Japanese friends and most of then rapidly replied so they are fine and I guess they are out of further danger... but there were lots of victims even though Japan is a really prepared country in this kind of cases. 

Again, it sound so really cliche saying this from the safety and confort of my room, but best wishes for everyone in Japan: best wishes to the victims who somehow managed to survive, best wishes for the victims' families, best wishes for those who were luckier and weren't in the affected zones...

You can easily find proper info in teh News and all over the internet, but I'll link you to this blog entry with tons of videos about this, here:

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