Jun 10, 2011

No free time but I did a cute sketch XD

So, as the title says, I am actually very busy right now... like always, anyway XD I already got my grades and I got awesome scores! But I am still busy with my Practicum, Erasmus documents (I am going to Estonia!!!) with other grants documentation and stuff like that... I should be a little more free soon. But hey, since I can't do any papers during the weekend (the offices are close XD) I finished a little concept art for our Hetalia videogame!

- Æsir Norge -
Our "powered up" version of the representant of Norway in Hetalia


It's just a "chibi" rushed art of how he is supposed to more or less look... he will look all adult in the game, of course XD what do you think about this concept? It was actually me who proposed to use some "fairy" or "valhalla" related look for him, so I was the one to draw it for the most part... We used the Elder Futhark runic alphabet and put the "ansuz" rune on his chest because it's named after the Æsir, and the rest are related to the different powers Norge has while in this ǫ́ss form (water, sun, tree, and such) 

... I keep calling him Norge / Nor / Noruee because it hasn't yet been revealed his human name and calling him "Norway" it's weird for me XD We are thinking of calling him "Lucas" in the game, for incognito missions and stuff, since that's a popular fanname for him!

We are also thinking of merging our videogame project "HETALIA: Liet´s Quest" ( ヘタリア:リトアニアの伝説 ) with "Hetalia Atlantis" (ヘタリア* アトランティス) ... let's see what happens in the end!

To finish, let me show you some of the other art I created for our videogame! (Click to enlarge!) And remember you can always see more of my art on my Deviantart and the other links to the right of this blog!

We nicknamed them Emily and Monique 
in the game since their "human" names haven't been revealed yet



  1. A Estonia? Al país de las manzanas!! Que te lo pases muy bien y sigas haciendo cosas tan tan tan chulas :D

  2. Ja ja ja si, a Estonia XD alguro pensará que qué se me perdió allí... en realidad era el mejor destino que ofrecía mi facultad XD Daban un mes para estar en el UK pero prefiero irme 6 meses que estoy hasta los cojones de mi facultad y del 90% de los compañeros XDDD Necesito tiempo de hiatus XD