Jun 3, 2011

Long time no see!

First of all, APOLOGIES because I deleted the comments you guys left in my posts, thinking I were just deleting them from my inbox... I really need to tinker around more to get used to how things work... but seriously, why deleting them from the inbox deletes them from the posts too? Makes no sense to me. I am sad that I deleted them, sorry guys T_T

So, yeah, I haven't updated in a while! I've been busy with exams, work, illness, family stuff... all of that. Now I have summer vacations and I'll hopefuly draw, cosplay, program more for our Hetalia videogame, play some videogames myself...

Right now, I'm replaying one of my all-times-favourite-RPGs ever, the one known as "Breath of Fire III"... the reason why I felt like replaying it it's because I recently realized there is a Breath of Fire IV manga (scanlations here or here) so, yeah I felt quite some nostalgia XD Back in the day I was too young to fully understand the plot in those two games (both because of my inmadurity and because of my level of English lol) so I am fully enjoying reading the manga for BoF IV and replaying BoF III.

 Breath of Fire III

Nina & Ryu, the heroes of the Breath of Fire series

... I wish they would have done a BoF III manga too, it was my favourite, much more than BoF IV XD I am also playing Sengoku Basara 2 (when I feel like killing tons of stuff lol) and Dynasty Warriors 7 at my boyfriend's place because I don't own a Xbox or PS3 myself (awesome game dears, JUST AWESOME) 

Breath of Fire IV
Though, as I said, my favourite Breath of Fire game is the third one, I have to admit that Breath of Fire IV 
art is of much more quality, and very beautiful as you can see in the pics. Click to enlarge the images!


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