Jul 22, 2011

My Dynasty Warriors fanarts

Hello everyone! I just finished a fanart I made for this contest LINK and, well, I am sharing the pic with you guys! I drew one of my fav characters from the videogame Dynasty Warriors. He is called Ling Tong. 

Click for the full size version


I love his weapon in DW6, it's a Sanjiegun, like Nanami's from Suikoden II... yeah, the pose seems familiar all of a sudden XD Would you believe that it's actually pretty difficult thinking of cool poses for Sanjiegun users? Try, try XD

You can see some details I would like to highlight here... as said, click for full!

Dynasty Warriors has been one of my favourite games for almost 10 years already (Vandal Hearts is still my fav lol) The lastest game, DW7, is AWESOME. Of course I don't think it's perfect but you should really try that game! I plan to do a review of these series one of these days...

This series of games is based on Chinese History, or rather, based on the events of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (which is a chinese classical novel) and the Records of Three Kingdoms (actual history of China) I love History and I love killing loads of stuff so this game is perfect for me lol.

Ling Tong is one of the officers you can use in the game, and I really like him... I've made some fanart of him in the past too, and I'll share them in this entry too, even if they are old XD Hope you like them!

 Gan Ning & Ling Tong


I made fanart of other Dynasty Warriors characters, I'll submit them some other time so that the entries aren't so long lol! So, yeah, this is it for now, hope you liked the pics and PLAY DYNASTY WARRIORS 7. Ciao!!!

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  1. Good jobbbb womaaaan!

    Very cool and colorful has always :)