Jul 22, 2011


Seriously, Spanish people... JUST WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!

Now, now, I actually HATE rants and I hate ranting myself because I feel stupid and childish when I rant, but seriously, if I told you about all of the shit that goes wrong in my life because OTHER PEOPLE DON'T TRY AT LIFE AT ALL.

Like two days ago, I went to the post office, I told the lady attending me I wanted to send the letter to Estonia, and without letting me continue, she made the stupiest face ever and said: "...I don't know if you can, since, well, where is that anyway?"

Please. PLEASE. Someone explain me why this lady who works at a post office is asking me where the heck Estonia is and actually telling me she doesn't know if I can send a letter there or not. I don't understand.

Well, after I told her Estonia was in Europe, I asked her for the documents necessary to send certified mail with return receipt abroad... and she was like "I can give you the ones for Spain, I don't know what you need to send letters abroad" and then I was like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF for obvious reasons.

I left without sending my documents, because it was late, they had to close, and NONE of her remaining workmates knew which documents where the ones I was asking for... Then, they told me I should have informed myself on the Internet about that, because they are not there to answer that kind of questions because then if the letter doesn't arrive people tell them it's their fault and in reality it's the clients fault for not knowing better... like seriously. SERIOUSLY. WHY.

And this was just ONE of the shitty things I encounter everyday around Ciudad Real, and this time it isn't even THAT much of serious business, but lots of times, you need important stuff to be done and people just not only don't care, but they don't even realize that I give a fuck if they care, THEY JUST HAVE TO DO THEIR FUCKING JOB SLIGHTLY EFFICIENTLY BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING PAID TO DO THAT SHIT.

Then people ask why I prefer Barcelona and why I would want to go to Estonia to study when Spain is so awesome and stuff. Enough said. Ciao.


  1. Sounds wonderful :P Derp. I had a similar experience happen to my mother last week when she went to ship a package to my cousin who's in Paraguay at the moment with the peace core. They didn't know how to send the package outside of the States and then they were going to charge her a ton for the shipping just because it was a big box, even though it was almost empty. The worlds full of annoying people just makes me glad I know a few nice ones :)

  2. I know several stories like this one with the post-office, with the secretariate at school, high school and college, with the librarys, printing office, with Renfe...
    And if you try to do your best and everything you do, studying or working, you are the problem, you are the one that has to hear the question "what`s wrong with you?" again and again and be treated like a sick obsess.

  3. Don't get me started on University, Bea... One of these days I shall let the world know of our WONDERFUL university but not now, I have better things to do like rest from it's stupid bureaucracy and work on my summer projects before the deadline gets me...

    Thank you for your comment, dear >w<

  4. Dios!!! No me lo creo XDDDDD Ya no me quejaré de la gente de IPOSTEL (correos de Venezuela)Qué feo chama, qué feo!
    Y son justo en esos momentos en que piensas "¿Cómo carajo encontró ese trabajo es@ pendej@ y yo estoy desemplead@?" Misterio...
    Bueno, yo te aseguro que lo hago mejor, así que deséame suerte XDDD

  5. La ineficacia suele pasarse eficientemente por alto aquí... Entiendo porqué te gustan más otros sitios, sí.